The magic of Venice at your fingertips

The station is only a stone’s throw away. A short train ride, and the magic of one of the most beautiful cities in the world is at your fingertips. Get on and get ready for a spectacular experience: the blue sky reflected in the sparkling lagoon, the fishing boats gently rocking in the placid waters, and then Venice appears in all its splendour, as if rising from the sea with its bridges, churches, palaces and with the maze of its calli and campielli that surprise you with a new charming view around every corner. Are you ready?

An open-air museum.

A simple walk through the streets of Venice will enchant you. The moment you get off the train, you will step into its wondrous history. From here you can walk alongside the Gran Canal with its glittering lagoon waters, towards the Rialto bridge and the world-famous Piazza San Marco, up to Venice’s iconic landmarks, the majestic St. Mark’s Basilica, the Campanile, and the Clock Tower.

 Art, food, and atmosphere.

The sheer pleasure of walking along the narrow alleys admiring the beautiful façades of the ancient palaces, browsing souvenir shops and artisan workshops, to the sound of the voices of the gondoliers and the enticing scents of Italian cuisine from the restaurants. Glass, Carnival masks, the squeri, the slipways where the boats are built. And then the fish market and the typical bacari, traditional Venetian taverns where you can stop for a delicious aperitif. Beauty, atmosphere, tasty food. This is also what Venice is about.

Murano, Burano, Torcello: the quaint charm of the islands.

The islands around Venice are a must. Just get onboard the local ACTV public waterbus service, and you will have a tour of the famous islands of the lagoon. The amazing Murano with its houses painted in lively colours and its world-renowned glassworks, the picturesque Burano with the exquisite creations of its lace making tradition, and then the island of Torcello, with its Byzantine churches, the legendary Attila’s throne dominating the square, and the mysterious Ponte del Diavolo.

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