Gioiosa et amorosa Treviso.

Treviso, a Medieval gem of a city surrounded by Renaissance walls. Take a walk along its alleyways flanked with frescoed façades, arcades, canals, ancient palaces, and lined with shops and refined boutiques. Turn a corner, and there will be a church or a museum for you to visit. Relax in one of its historic taverns where you can truly experience traditional local cuisine or enjoy the inevitable spritz. This is Treviso: joyful and lovely, or gioiosa et amorosa, as it was described in the Middle Ages. A city that will captivate you with its romantic charm and lively atmosphere.

A drink in the square, surrounded by beauty.

Go to Piazza dei Signori and take a seat outside at a bar under the arcades. This is the beating heart of enchanting Treviso, where everything happens. A bit further on are the imposing ramparts dating back to the Roman Empire, interrupted by the three famous gates of San Tommaso, Altinia, and Santi Quaranta.

The lights reflected on water when night falls.

They also call it “Little Venice”: the Sile and Cagnan rivers cross Treviso, reaching its heart through the narrow, glistening canals. In the evening, the glimmering lights of the city centre are reflected in the water creating an evocative sight.

Among churches and museums, soaking in history.

The Duomo, the churches of San Nicolò, San Francesco, and Santa Caterina: crossing the threshold of these amazing monuments will make palpable the awe and respect that the people of Treviso feel toward their spiritual tradition. Continue to soak in the magnificence of the city’s history by visiting its museums: permanent collections and temporary exhibitions will allow you to continue your journey of discovery of an incredibly rich cultural heritage.

Piazza dell’Università, culture and chit-chat.

Ponte Dante, the bridge named after the celebrated poet who dedicated some of his verses to this enchanting area of Treviso, takes you to the Piazza dell’Università. “Where the Sile and Cagnan mate”, wrote Dante. Today this neighbourhood is full of little streets and squares lined with shops, restaurants, and bars. Here you can sit outside and enjoy an aperitif, perhaps listening to a friendly and good-humoured host delighting punters with some funny local anecdote.

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