Between culture and nature, a relaxing day out.

Villages, landscapes, art and culture, local produce and flavours. Treviso is strategically located to reach some of the most beautiful locations in its surroundings in less than an hour. Take a day or afternoon away to immerse yourself in a past full of charm or in the relaxing harmony of nature.

The artistic treasures of Asolo e Possagno.

Asolo, the village with a hundred horizons, as famous Italian poet Giacomo Carducci called it. Come up here and be enchanted by this small village nestled in the hills of Treviso, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The stunning view from here spans Monte Grappa and the Po Valley, to the Venice Lagoon.

Not far from Asolo is Possagno, birthplace of the celebrated Italian sculptor Antonio Canova. In the historic town centre you can visit his family home and marvel at the beautiful artworks stored at the Gipsoteca Canoviana, which include countless casts, marbles, and paintings.

Castelfranco, and the mysterious painter Giorgione.

Spend an afternoon in the beautiful city of Castelfranco Veneto, surrounded by impressive medieval walls. Stroll through the main square in the centre and explore its alleys, arcades, and bars till you get to Giorgione’s birthplace, now a house museum. Opened in May 2009 to mark the fifth centenary of the artist’s death, the museum is set up in the house where Giorgione painted his enigmatic Frieze, not far from the Cathedral that houses the exquisite Pala.

Conegliano, and the Wine trail.

Conegliano is a lovely, bustling town. Take a stroll under the arcades of Contrada Grande, contemplating the façades of the noble palaces, and then admire the frescoes on the façade of the Cathedral, with the amazing backdrop of the Castle standing in the distance. Conegliano is also the ideal place to set off on a journey along the Wine trail, among villages and hills dotted with vineyards and woods, and visit a winery to taste Prosecco, the area’s most celebrated wine. Do not miss Refrontolo and the enchanting Molinetto della Croda, that seems to be emerging straight from the rock face.

A walk in Medieval Cittadella.

About 40-minute drive from Treviso and easily accessible by train, Cittadella awaits visitors with its superb and impressive walls.
Cittadella is one of the several ancient walled cities near Padua. Go towards the historic centre and virtually travel back to the Middle Ages in this walled enclosure with a perimeter of 1,461 metres. Thanks to major restoration works, today you can access the top panoramic terrace and explore the entire wall walk.

The ancient towns of Oderzo, Altino e Portobuffolè.

The Romans called it Opitergium, and the ancient glories of its past are still alive and palpable in the forum with the remains of a basilica, baths and necropolis, paving and mosaics. Here you can take a walk through history that continues in the Piazza Grande with the Renaissance Cathedral, the Clock Tower and the eighteenth-century Palazzo Foscolo. Also steeped in history is Portobuffolè, a river port of ancient Rome and then of the Serenissima, and today a charming Renaissance town.

Finally, the Roman Altinum located along Via Annia is well worth a visit. Its Archaeological Museum set in a renovated rural complex offers a fascinating insight into local history, from prehistory to the Roman era and to the early and late Middle Ages.

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